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> I am an aspiring backend web developer that currently specialises in the development of:

PHP, Syfmony, Magento 2 Zend, JavaScript, CSS and SASS

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General Info

I'm an aspiring 19 year old developer that has had experience writing numberous programming languages:

  • PHP, Symfony 4, Magento 2 - Strong Knowledge
  • Syfmony 3, HTML, JavaScript, CSS - Strong Knowledge
  • SASS, Java - Good Knowledge
  • Zend, Visual C# - Average Knowledge

I self taught myself each language via trial and error, debugging and online documents and guides.

Where Did I Start?

After learning my friend could make a text-based game in the console of a browser, I then looked up more information about programming languages, and where they were used. I started by learning to code plugins for Minecraft servers running Bukkit. This was hard because I didn't know at the time they were written in Java, I just assumed it was a way of writing them.

After figuring it out it was written in Java, I started to learn the language and doing so helped with the plugins.

So, now knowing basic Java, and how to make Minecraft plugins, I decided that I wanted to make plugins for other people, but I faced the issue of needing a place to advertise my services. I decided the best course of action was to get a website.

I didn't know any HTML,CSS or Javascript, but I did know that website builders weren't my thing. After using numerous websites, video tutorials and a bootstrap template I managed to create something I was proud to call my website. This website advertised my plugin service.

Intrigued how I created something that was on the World Wide Web for anyone to see, I later started by playing around with websites and with more information on how websites work. I could create a basic HTML and CSS based website from scratch. I then moved on to using Javascript to do things on my website and discovered that it wasn't to dissimilar to Java, just instead of putting X here you would put a Z there. That then lead to creating a website like the one here, just far less advanced.

Current Experience:

All of the below can be found in my portfolio and experience sections.

  • I am currently working as a Backend Developer at Xigen Design using frameworks such as Symfony 4, Magento 2 and Zend.
  • I used to freelance for (Java) plugin development.
  • I have made a total of 4 websites; 2 different websites for college assignments, this website and I am currently in the process of creating a third.
  • I was taught Visual C# at college and had to make a game. I made an 'idle' game.
  • During college I developed numerous graphics for specific client requirements.

Work Experience & Education

Xigen Design

Backend Developer
Feb 2018 - Present
Xigen Logo

Tresham College

Computer Science - Digital & Software Development
Xigen Logo

Kettering Science Academy

8 GCSEs at Grade A-C
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[ Experience ]

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Experience 3
Working As A Backend Developer At Xigen
Using frameworks such as Symfony, Magento 2 and Zend.
Experience 1
Bukkit / Spigot Freelance Development
This is paid Java development for people running Bukkit / Spigot servers.
Experience 2
College Assignments
This includes making websites, graphics, animations and other media.

[ Contact Me ]

For if you wish to contact me regarding anything, including a copy of my CV