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Note: This is a game developed in Visual C# on Microsoft Visual Studio Code using WindowsForms.

This however means the game runs awfully and gameplay can be difficult at later stages with more things happening.

Along with the game, I also had to create documentation for the project.

This includes user guides, diagrams, technical documentation and code debugging and testing.

All of the above can be found in the resources section.

[ Start Screen ]

Apple Catcher start screen
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[ Gameplay ]

Apple Catcher gameplay
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[ Pause Menu ]

Apple Catcher pause screen
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[ Top Scores ]

Apple Catcher pause screen
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Word icon Documentation - Part 1 3.33 MB
Excel icon Documentation - Part 2 5.89 MB
EXE icon AppleCatcher Game (Release) 1.7 MB
ZIP icon AppleCatcher Game (Source Code) 7.8 MB
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